How to Enter (2013)

Models must be entered using the official entry form which can be downloaded from here.

Please note the following entry conditions:

  • Only 5 entries per category per entrant allowed.
  • Minimum of 5 entries required in a category for a medallion to be awarded.
  • Minimum of 3 entries required for a category to be judged. Where there are insufficient entries in a particular category then the entries shall be placed into a similar category or into the Open category.
  • NO reference material or instruction sheets are required. No documents or other material is to be left with the model. The committee takes no responsibility for any such material left with the model.
  • Judges are allowed to pick up & examine the models during judging. If your model requires special handling or it is not attached to the base please notify the entry staff when registering & complete the relevant section on the entry form! JUDGES WILL ASSUME MODELS ARE ATTACHED TO BASES AND ALL STOWAGE, TURRETS, CREW OR CAMOUFLAGE IS GLUED DOWN UNLESS YOU TELL THEM!
  • “Luft 46” aircraft & vehicles are to be entered as Sci-Fi & Fantasy Vehicle/Craft unless the model is of actual mock-up or prototype vehicle.
  • “What If” aircraft & vehicles are to be entered as Sci-Fi & Fantasy Vehicle/Craft unless an actual item was displayed as such.
  • Bases are not judged as part of the model except in the vignette & diorama categories. Only entries on simple or basic landscaped bases may be entered in categories other than vignette or diorama. A simple or basic landscaped base is limited to a textured surface in a single plane extending no more that 3cm around the extent of the model without any figures, animals or equipment not on or in the model.
  • Completing the BRIEF Description on the “Table Identification Form” Show sufficient information to identify your model if the form gets misplaced. This may include a single BRIEF statement describing the marking/camouflage/weathering. Examples: PZ IVG #122 Eastern Front 1944 winter camouflage, T34/76c with 4 tank riders, USAF F-4E Phantom Vietnam SEAC camouflage scheme, RAF Lancaster B.1 F-AL, RN Spitfire Vb in experimental pink & yellow dazzle scheme, RAF Hurricane IID, 1942 Factory fresh finish with no weathering, German SS officer in Parade Uniform, German panzer crewman in 1939 uniform with pipe, New Zealand infantryman, Monte Cassino with liberated wine, Bedford QLD NW Europe, HMS Ark Royal 1939 dazzle camouflage.
  • Please complete all forms by printing clearly using BLOCK CAPITALS. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure their details are legible. The SSMS Inc committee accepts no responsibility for errors caused by incomplete or illegible entry forms.